What Are the Different Types of Horse Feed?

What Are the Different Types of Horse Feed?

Horse feed is an essential part of caring for your horse. Proper horse feed is critical to the health and well being of your horse. For horse owners who consider themselves to be “do-it-yourself” enthusiasts, giving the responsibility for feeding horses to someone else can be very intimidating. Luckily, there are many sources available that can greatly simplify the process of horse feed preparation and delivery.

How to Choose the best Feed for Horse Feed?

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Feed companies offer a variety of choices for horse feed depending on your needs. The most common types of horse feed are for adult horses and are typically available in powder or paste forms. Adult horse feed is usually recommended for horses over nine years old because it contains higher levels of proteins and fats to help promote the growth of healthy bones and joints. However, horses that are younger should not be fed powder or paste due to the fact that their digestive systems have not yet had the time to become properly accustomed to digesting this type of diet. Pasteurized horse feed is usually recommended for horses under seven years old, but it can also be given to horses in powdered form for those horses that have trouble digesting normal powdered feed.

Feed companies also sell digestive enzymes for horses that can benefit from improved digestion and immune systems. There are also horse supplements available that contain digestive enzymes specifically targeted for horses with digestive system ailments, such as lameness and colic. These supplements can help horses restore their functionality by relieving their symptoms, including lameness and colic. Many holistic horse trainers also recommend digestive enzymes as a supplement for horses that are suffering from other ailments, such as lameness and rhabdomyolysis, which is a condition that causes the joint to wear away.

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