What Are the Best Wedding Celebrants?

What Are the Best Wedding Celebrants?

When it comes to wedding celebrations, nowadays we tend to confuse them with wedding planners and wedding florists. While the two categories do offer some useful services, they are not synonymous. New generation wedding celebration basically take over what you traditionally dine out for in a wedding celebration, perfect for those couples who are on the lookout for a truly unique wedding experience. More often than not, it is not just a one off job for them, it is a real passion. As they state, wedding celebration has become a highly personalized experience now and the wedding celebrant have to cater to your every need, from personalizing the food menu to helping you create the perfect wedding cake.

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In traditional weddings, the wedding celebrant may make or cut the wedding cake as the minister of the ceremony does the cutting or even performs some of the ceremony itself. In most cases, the wedding celebrants are involved not only during the actual ceremony but also throughout the reception process. They are usually called upon to read the vows at the reception, perform the wedding vows and perhaps sing a few parts if requested. In some religions, it is not compulsory that the wedding celebrants are involved in all aspects of the wedding ceremony, although they are almost always required to read the wedding vows before the couple leave the church.

The concept of wedding celebrants goes back to biblical times when couples would compose their own readings and use them as part of the ceremony. While the modern wedding ceremony has largely stopped adhering to these ancient traditions, there are still certain elements that have not changed. Today, couples generally choose to use wedding celebrants to write their own readings and choose the music for their ceremony. Many of the wedding celebrants are also able to personalize the cakes and cupcakes to match the theme of the wedding. All the same, these wedding celebrants are not required to do anything other than simply read the wedding vows and give their own heartfelt toast to the newlyweds.

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