Top 3 Things to Do in Dana Point For Weekend Getaways

Top 3 Things to Do in Dana Point For Weekend Getaways

What to do in Dana Point, California? Travelers headed to the southern California beaches want to know what to do in Dana Point. Located just north of Los Angeles, this charming community is full of restaurants, shops, hotels, and even a pier. It is truly a “people’s town,” and all kinds of people can enjoy their stay at this place. In addition, travelers can take a dolphin-watching cruise or they can just take time to bask in the natural beauty of the area. Whether you want to go exploring or just lie on the beach, these are the things to do in Dana Point. Click Here –

Two Things to Do in Dana Point to Get Ready for a Day of Beach Fun

One of the best things to do in Dana Point is shopping. The small but bustling downtown area is perfect for shoppers. There are boutiques run by former celebrities that have been converted into small shops selling unique items. Other things to do in Dana Point include visiting the Pacific Ocean Marine Science Center, where visitors can view various marine animals, and taking day trips to the nearby towns of Hanalei, Surfside, and El Monte.

Those interested in water activities should consider day trips to the two popular parks in Dana Point: The Wild Kingdom and The Water Museum. Visitors to these two places can find some fun activities that let them interact with nature. At The Wild Kingdom, kids can pretend to be zebras, lions, and elephants as they tramp through the jungle-covered grounds. Meanwhile, at The Water Museum, nature lovers can learn more about the life underwater through the Sea Life Park, whale watching excursions, or simply snorkeling in one of the world’s largest and most impressive collections of aquatic life.

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