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The Paddle Court

The Paddle Court is the most famous type of court found on the pro tour, and it is rightly so. Playing on a padel court is very unique because the paddle doesn’t have any kind of net; the only way to make a shot is to “paddle” or “swing” your paddle into the ball. The object of the game is to create the best score possible by using your skills, your technique, and your mental skills. If you are looking to learn how to play the game of basketball, there is a certain type of court that will help you out. Here is a look at what a paddle court looks like:

Revolutionize Your Paddle Court With These Easy-peasy Tips

When players first arrive on the court, there is usually a green flag sitting in the center of the court, which signals that play has started. Typically, each team has seven players on each side of the court, with the remaining players either on the side bench or the court itself. The court is divided up into three areas, commonly referred to as sections, which are labeled A through H. These sections are used for various set plays, which are different types of shots that can be executed when on either A or H of the section. Most commonly, teams use the corners of the paddock to execute these plays, which are also referred to as corner shots.

There are a couple of types of shots that are commonly executed on a paddle court. The most popular is the lob, which is a shot that begins on the right side of the court and ends up over the baseline. A backhand shot, commonly known as a forehand, starts on the left side of the court and ends up over the right. Lastly, a volley is a shot that begins on the right side of the court and ends up back at the corners. Regardless of which shot you execute, using your paddling skills is essential to becoming a good player.